Upcycling at Malimo and its Team

With our upcycling sari bomber jackets, we are trying to contribute a small part to more sustainable clothing production. Because every day new clothes are made from new raw materials. With upcycling, materials that already exist are used for new products. And even as an individual, you can integrate upcycling into your daily life – the members of the Malimo team reveal how they do it.

Saris turn into Bomber Jackets

For the majority of all newly produced objects, so-called “virgin materials” are used – materials that have been produced especially for this object. With upcycling, you take an existing product that is no longer needed and use it to create a new product. The new product carries a higher value than the previous one due to the conversion. Few or no virgin materials are used and the environment is less polluted. Sounds like the perfect idea for a world where (almost) everything is already available…

Cambridge Dictionary

The original idea of Malimo was based on exactly this principle. We do not like waste and we are aware of the impact of the clothing industry on the environment. For our sari bomber jackets we do not use virgin materials, but second-hand fabrics. They have small blemishes and have therefore been sorted out. By cutting them into the bomber jackets these blemishes are removed and the saris get a second life. You can find more about the origin of our upcycling sari bomber jackets HERE.

Malimo Team

Tips from the Malimo-Team

However, upcycling cannot only be applied by purchasing products but also privately in your own household. Here are a few examples from us:

Maya: “In our flat, we use empty jars of olives, pesto, and everything else as containers. This has already saved the house blessing a few times when once again there were only Tuppers and lids that did not fit together. Almost all glasses are standardized, so almost all glasses and lids fit together.”

Johannes & Isabell: “We convert waste paper into organic waste bags. Works just as good and it saves money too.”

Luca: “My girlfriend doesn’t drink coffee, but she uses my coffee grounds from the french press as a peeling. Works out great and I can justify my coffee consumption even better.”

Zoé: “I still have a lot of fabric leftover from various DIY projects. I use them as wrapping paper. That looks super individual! Now I even take the fabric with me after unpacking it at the birthday party – to use it again.”

Our sari bomber jackets are just one of many, many upcycling products. We believe that upcycling is an important step in the production of clothing and therefore we are planning on producing more upcycling collections. Are you also trying to use upcycling products or do you even have any other tips?