One blazer, endless possibilities.

Ready for anything. Any age, any style, any occasion. Your new companion in every situation.

Photography: Manuel Soria / Styling: Sonja Wickerath

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    ornament Sofa Blazer

    bouquet Sofa Blazer

    meadow Sofa Blazer

    Longevity as the focus in design

    Who would have thought that upholstery fabric could look so cool? And the best thing is: The material is robust, easy to care for and ensures that you will enjoy your blazer for a long time.

    If your outfit turns you into a bouquet, any not-so-good day can only be half as bad. Nobody will be able to blame you, because honestly, everybody loves flowers.

    A timeless staple for every life and every wardrobe.

    The design of the Malimo Sofa Blazer does not depend on trends, seasons and fashion cycles so that you can wear it every year in every season. Use it as a key piece for any outfit. As outerwear for mild temperatures or as a layering piece in winter. The casual blazer cut fits every body shape.

    1 of 100

    This collection is limited to 100 pieces. This way Malimo avoids overproduction and makes sure that your blazer remains something very special.

    Have you already planted some trees today?

    No problem, we got you covered. For every blazer you buy, Malimo plants 10 trees.

    Fair production

    Malimo’s blazers are produced in a family tailor shop in India under fair working conditions.

    Funky Everyday Wear

    As a label that has its roots in both India and Berlin, Malimo combines the spirit of these two places in its blazer designs. What unites them and provided the inspiration for this collection is the abundance of color, movement and life.

    Malimo has created this blazer collection with sofa fabrics from a fabric market in Mumbai.

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