review of the last three months

And the summer is over. Zack, boom, done. Went by pretty fast, right? We are using the gray weather as an occasion to sit with a cup of tea and look back on the highlights of the last few months. 

It is the perfect timing to review the summer and reflect on what went wrong in the wild months. What has changed over time? At which point did we stand a few months ago and where are we now?

At the same time, after only three visits, we found our wonderful loft office in Moabit. A perfect match for us. The first weeks we were so flashed by the size of the room that we got up from our new desk about every 10 minutes to stroll around the room, just because we could.

This summer one highlight chased the next one. At the beginning of July we shot our new Splash reversible bomber with Samira at the Tempelhofer Feld.

Malimo auf dem Feel Festival

In August while we melted away in Berlin, in India there was the hardest monsoon in 30 years (according to one of our tailors from Rajasthan). Our re-orders could not be sent for a few weeks because the streets were flooded up to the waist.

Schwups – It was already time for the Feel Festival. The five days were a blast! We had plenty of time to chat with familiar and new faces, laugh and talk nonsense. It was a great experience to meet so many customers in person and to hear compliments, wishes and suggestions. Other designers like Ariane Truisi, Hasachi, Sonntag Berlin and Holger, the organizer of the Kreativmarkt, sweetened every day. When we went to a festival – for fun and not for work – at the beginning of August, we discovered more than 10 people wearing our jackets and kimonos. That just blew us away.

The next great highlight was our new addition to the team. In addition to Valli, who has a firm grip on customer service and warehousing, and Paulina, who is responsible for cooperation, we were pleased to welcome Zoé to the Social Media section of our team. The best days of the summer were those when we all sat together for lunch.

One day in the beginning of September we got the link to this crazy set, in which Jonas Saalbach wears our Paisley Reversible Bomber in the most breathtaking location. It is so much fun watching the video. No surprise, that the biggest moment in September was the Fridays For Future climate strike. As probably all participants, we were blown away by how many people were taking part and the kind of energy that was in the air. When we sat at the small stage in the protest camp in front of the Federal Chancellery and listened to Dota, we got the feeling of being part of a movement writing history.

This September a fresh breeze of change is blowing through Malimo Headquaters. The whole team came together and the discussion became really basic. We discussed the future, set new goals and worked on visions. In addition to our own new designs, we are looking forward to our first collaboration with a talented Berlin artist. We are excited about everything that comes.

And what’s up next? The next few months do not promise to be much calmer than the last few months. Next appointment is Designer Sale at Holzmarkt on the first weekend of October. After that, a new photo shoot and the release of our new collection is coming up. Also we are looking for one or two new team members. Promise: It will not be boring.

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