Personal Style – View of our Stylist Sonja Wickerath

Sonja Wickerath (@sonjawick) did the styling for our shop photos and the sofa blazer campaign. Sonja studied psychology and works not only as a stylist. She has insights into the fashion industry from many different perspectives and also develops her brand @thevlaueofthings. Learn more about her approach to fashion in our interview and get some inspiration for your personal style…

Sonja with our ornament Sofa Blazer

How is your life as a stylist?
Since I also do other things besides styling, it might be interesting to talk about that. I like to have variety in my everyday life and the job. If every day feels the same, I quickly get bored. I also benefit from learning from different areas and then integrating my knowledge.
What are you doing besides styling?

I am a freelancer and work in different areas: as a stylist, art director, copywriter or even as a social media manager.

What is important to you when you work with a brand?

It’s important to me that I share the values of the brand and that I like the team. I like to listen to my gut feeling.

Sonja live in action at our photo shoot with Gaius Okami

What’s your favorite way to express your creativity?

Most of all in photos. I love to capture small details and moods. Photos can bring out much more feelings and inspiration for me than reality can. But I also like to express myself creatively by decorating my apartment. Or just through my job.

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When looking for new styling ideas, I try not to deviate too much from my look and develop an authentic style of my own.

How would you describe your style and waht does fashion mean to you?

Simple – with a few eye-catchers. I like to wear black and combine it with fancy accessories.

For me, fashion means underlining my personality. If I wear something that doesn’t suit me, I automatically feel uncomfortable.

Sonjas Styling with the meadow Sofa Blazer

Woher ziehst du deine Inspiration?

I draw a lot from street style. I quickly notice when someone has a special style and that inspires me. I also like to look at brands on Instagram or even a fashion show. But at the same time, I try to stay myself. If you only get inspired, you don’t develop an authentic style of your own. At least that’s my feeling.

Do you have a styling tip?

Don’t be scared. I think we could all be braver when it comes to fashion. A very concrete tip would be to pay attention to how you feel in certain clothes. Ideally, you will gradually find a look in which you feel comfortable and confident. And I think that’s exactly the one that suits you.

I think we could all be a little braver when it comes to fashion.

What do you fish for the future of the fashion industry?

My wish is that sustainability is no longer the exception, but the rule. At the moment there are many changes and small, cool brands doing great things. I would like to see the big players finally change their ways as well.

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How long have you lived in Berlin and what do you like about it?

I have lived here for 4 years. It gives me a feeling of incredible freedom that people don’t care much about what others do. There are so many different people here that I even go shopping in my pyjamas sometimes and it’s not noticeable at all. (laughs)

What inspires you here?

The street style and the way people live their lives. It’s often less about money and more about self-realization. I also like that Berlin has large open spaces and lots of lakes and forests, which doesn’t make me feel so much like I’m in a city.

What are your favourite places in Berlin?

No. 1 for me is the Tempelhofer Feld and I’m lucky enough to live very closely. I also like to be in Neukölln on the shore or also in the Gräfekiez. Completely new for me is Wedding, I’m here more often at the moment and have to say that I also like it, it’s nice and quiet. (laughs)