MALIMO family: The Pichis

Today we want to introduce you to a part of the Malimo Family: The Pichis (@the.pichis). The Pichis consists of Luis and Ciarán, a married couple from Dublin. They also have their own label P.Shirts: Vintage, unisex and unique. They inspire us on instagram with their outstanding style. We asked them a few questions about their life as a couple, their label and their inspirations.

The Pichis Malimo x General Consulting Berlin
Who are you?

We are a married couple and we live in Dublin, Ireland. We love vintage fashion, photography and art. We also enjoy creating LGBTQ content on social media that breaks the stereotypes of gender, identity and love.

How did you meet?

We met 4 years ago at a restaurant. Luis was working and Ciarán was there as a customer. Our first date was on November 2nd, on Ciarán’s birthday! Since then we’ve been together. The marriage equality referendum in Ireland was approved in 2015. Then, we got married in December 2016 in Bray, Ireland.

How did The Pichis come to life?

We created The Pichis right after the referendum. We both thought it could be a good idea to share an Instagram account of our life together and become a supporting voice to the LGBTQ community in Ireland and around the world. A page where people can see us and see themselves living a free life with their partners without being shamed or criticized for their sexual preferences. Also, a free place to express our interests and meet people like us.

What can you tell us about P.Shirts, your own label?

For the last 2 years we have been working on our label. P.Shirts ( is a collection of vintage shirts. They’re all unique, individual and unisex. The brand has given us the opportunity to explore the fashion industry and see it from a completely different point of view, a sustainable one.

We try to avoid fast fashion. Instead, we promote and support small businesses that create, reuse and upcycle items of clothing. For us, this is the future of fashion. It’s our dream to expand our brand with sustainability.

Luis in our Malimo x General Consulting “Zahnpflege” Shirt

Ciarán in our Malimo x General Consulting “Schnittblumen” Shirt

How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

Ciarán: Bold, underground, raw, genderless & street. My inspirations come from the queer rave scene. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. Without fear of being condemned and without deadlocked gender rules.

Luis: Vintage, bohemian, gypsy, pirate inspired & gender free. My style inspiration is driven by 80’s fashion, colour blocking and big shapes. I am also fascinated by the ancestral images of our indigenous and ancient communities and how to modernize it.

What does fashion mean to you? And: Do have some tips?

For us, fashion is the art of self expression. It gives us individuality, passion and a statement of who we are. It is also a big motivation to inspire others and ourselves with our work.

The only, and possibly the most important piece of advice we could give, is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself with the clothes you wear. Be fearless, pay attention to details and ignore judgments. Trust yourself.