Since we did another photo shoot with Luise (@rhabarbarspiderman) in October, we thought, it’s time to introduce her thoroughly to you as a part of the Malimo Family. Luise (@rhabarbarspiderman) is a model, recent high school graduate, art history student and ambitious painter. Shooting with her is a lot of fun, because she’s always full of power and a good entertainer on top.

Model in Berlin Luise

What do you want to do when you grow up (even more)?
First of all, I want to grow a little bit physically, that would be cool. But actually I want to become an artist – preferably living in a country house in Tuscany, wearing a straw hat and sitting and painting under my fig tree – that is my big dream.

What do you like to do that doesn’t really get you anything?
Definitely in first place: Looking out the window and listening to music, waiting and listening to music, watching people and listening to music… That’s pretty much my favorite activity because I can always daydream a little. On stressful days this often calms me down. Even if I can’t really stare out of the window or something like that right now, music is always my first choice – whether making music myself or listening to it.

What does sustainability mean to you?
I’d say, I’m trying pretty hard to live sustainbly. In high-school, I was even elected the moste sustainble person of my year! I am vegan, nearly all of my clothes are second hand (around 90%), I buy as few things wrapped in plastic as possible… I also try to fly as little as possible. This mostly only fails because of my work. There, I often have no other choice.

What does Berlin mean to you?
Berlin enriches my life through the permanent influence of various impressions and stimulation of my senses. Because I grew up here, it is probably not as exciting for me as it is for many, but there is still an adventure almost every night. Also, nearly all of my friends live here. And of course there is also the fact that I can find work here incredibly well and there is always something to do.

How do you handle busy days?
I always try to cook for myself and to perceive the process of slicing and cooking as a small connecting point with myself – and then just eating a good meal with myself, that actually always reassures me.

We are very happy to have Luise with us as part of the Malimo Family!