Behind the Scenes of the Collaboration with General Consulting Berlin

For our first collaboration, the duo General Consulting Berlin (@generalconsultingberlin), consisting of Luisa and Max, designed the two T-shirts “Schnittblumen” and “Zahnpflege” and screen-printed them by hand. The limited edition is only available online.
How did you come up with the designs? The designs Zahnpflege and Schnittblumen are drawings that we took from Max’s little grey sketchbook. Max usually seeks inspiration in his immediate surroundings – Schnittblumen was actually a dried-out birthday bouquet in our room and Zahnpflege may tell us that Max needs a new toothbrush.

Why did you choose to screen-print the t-shirts? The screen-printing technique enables us to put Max’s drawings on t-shirts. The shirts are basically a walking showroom. Max and I do screen printing in the DIY area. We do not use machines, but only the screen-printing frame, emulsion, a little light, colour and textile. All t-shirts with the designs Zahnpflege and Schnittblumen were created in our living room in Berlin-Wedding. And: all t-shirts from the Malimo x General Consulting Berlin collection are unique because every print is slightly different.

Process: Before printing, the motive must be printed on a transparent adhesive foil and the screen must be coated with photo emulsion and dried in yellow light. The foil is then glued to the screen and exposed to ultraviolet light. In the printing process, the shirt is placed under the screen, textile dye is applied to the screen and a squeegee is used to pull it over the motive. The dye has to dry. Then the whole thing is fixed with heat.

The shirts are carbon neutral and have been produced by Earthpositive. They are unisex and available in sizes S, M & L.

You can hear more about the backgrounds of the collaboration in the podcast noema.

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