Every year the Fashion Week lures stars and models in flowing robes and expensive high heels, bags and other accessories onto the red carpet – another year in which they laugh into the camera while wearing clothes made at the expense of underpaid and exploited women, children or men.

This week is different – the Fashion Revolution Week reminds us of what nobody else sees. The pivotal point was the collapse of the Rana Plaza building in Bangladesh. More than 1,000 people were killed and over 2,500 injured while manufacturing cheap fast fashion under exploitative conditions. The Fashion Revolution Week wants to draw attention to exactly these untenable circumstances in the fashion industry. It makes us strong to take the matter in our own hands. We should appeal to the big brands to reflect the decisions regarding fashion and to be good for the people who work in production. It’s up to us.

The Fashion Week in Berlin (and of course also in other cities) ends with a big closing event on Saturday. Before this happens, we want to share the video of the opening event with you. The video gives a good insight into how the industry can change and is already changing. One example is the fair and sustainable brand Armedangels.

It shows, that eco and fair fashion is no longer behind fast fashion in terms of design and price.

„Money Fashion Power“ is the theme of this year’s Fashion Revolution Week. Therefore, let’s make ourselves strong, do something and take responsibility for our consumption. Question your favorite brands with #whomademyclothes on social media and research fair and sustainable alternatives. Even if you can’t change your wardrobe overnight – every decision contributes to an improvement in the fashion industry.


Many thanks to Judith (@ju_mllnr), our investigator from the Fashion Revolution Week.


Here’s the video:


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By the way, until the end of the week, you can get our jackets for 10 euros less with the code ‘FASHIONREVOLUTION’!