Delfina Carmona – Artist from Buenos Aires

Delfina Carmona lives in Buenos Aires and is a photographer, art director, and content creator. She inspires us with her compositions on Instagram (@delfinacarmona) and we are very happy to have her in our #malimofamily. On this occasion, we interviewed her and asked her how she lives as an artist in Argentina and what she likes about Berlin.

Delfina Carmona x Malimo
What is it like to live as an artist in Buenos Aires?

To be honest, it is not easy. The economic situation of our city and the whole country is always extremely unstable. Especially, if you work independently, it’s quite difficult to know how much money you’ll have at the end of the month. Therefore, stability often becomes an impossible odyssey. At least thanks to platforms like Instagram you get more attention and therefore a little more recognition. This allows me to work not only locally but also internationally.

What are your favorite places in Buenos Aires?

First of all, my apartment. It is currently my office and home in one. But there are also many beautiful green parks, which are like little oases. Here I like to read, meet friends and family or just spend time in nature. There are also many great cinemas and theaters, beautiful architecture, galleries and cultural centers, and neighborhoods full of character with numerous bars. The people in Buenos Aires are very friendly, open, and warm. There are many places where you can get in touch and have a beer. (Of course not right now, as we are still in lockdown)

My creativity is not limited to my photography. There are many ways we can be creative every day! I like to try out new means of expression.

Delfina Carmona in the artdeco/navy corduroy reversible bomber and in the bird/navy print reversible bomber

What is your favorite way to express yourself creatively?

Creativity is present in many areas of my life. Photography is probably the most obvious area. When composing and photographing aesthetic situations, I practice my expressiveness almost every day. I love to take self-portraits and act in front of the camera, to think about gestures, and to try out different forms of expression.

But my creativity is not limited to my photographic work. I like to express myself through my clothing, deciding what to wear for a special occasion or simply in everyday life. I like music very much and I like to create playlists that represent different moods I am going through.

There are many ways we can be creative every day! I like to try out new things, new means of expression.

Delfina Carmona x Malimo
How would you describe your fashion style?

Clothing and style are important forms of expression for me. I am classic and simple when it comes to the choice of my clothes. I like timeless garments that go beyond fashion trends and I like to wear neutral colors like white, black, grey, nude tones, earth tones. I also like to add splashes of color (usually in primary colors) and sometimes wear completely monochromatic outfits. I like pleasant fabrics and materials that fit well, are comfortable, and allow free movement – because I can’t stand feeling uncomfortable. I think that if I go outside with a piece of clothing that makes me feel uncomfortable, I can’t enjoy the rest of the day and be myself.

Where do you draw inspiration from?

I think inspiration always comes from many places. It can be something very small, like seeing a light coming through a window and being reflected on objects, it can be a conversation I had with someone, a scene from a series or a film I’ve seen, a dream I had, a gesture, a color, an object that seems photogenic to me… I like to be surprised and inspired by everyday things. Sometimes inspiration appears while I’m trying something with my camera, and sometimes it comes out of nowhere. Both processes are valid and the desire and need to create something do not always occur in the same way.

Berlin has completely captivated me! I am looking forward to moving there soon.

What do you like about Berlin and why do you want to move here?

I visited Berlin for the first time two years ago on a European tour during my honeymoon. The city completely captivated me and my husband (he is also an artist!). The energy of the people, the places, the artistic spaces, nature, everything seemed wonderful to us, and that’s why we returned last year to live and work in the city for about two months. We have many Argentinean friends who live there, and we are looking forward to moving there soon. I think that the language is perhaps the biggest obstacle at the moment (in addition to the harsh winters), but we are willing to learn and be carried away by what Berlin has to offer.