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30 by Johannes – “Anemoia” Nostalgic Playlist

"Anemoia" Nostalgic Playlist

Here comes the next 30 by Playlist, this time from Johannes. It is called “Anemoia” and is a Nostalgic Playlist. But what does this word even mean?

Anemoia is the feeling of nostalgia for a certain time, that you have never actually experienced. The longing for that time, its atmosphere, and attitude of life. Johannes captured that feeling in his Nostalgic Playlist on Spotify. It’s best if he explains to you himself what exactly this playlist means to him.

What memories are invoked by this music?

The longing for a past place in time, when the world seemed small. An exciting attitude of life: living in the seventies, hanging out smoking in clubs, hitch-hiking, and sitting at a bonfire at night, looking up at the stars and dreaming of a better world.

When do you like to listen to “Anemoia”?

The playlist is perfect for drinking wine with friends or making yourself cozy at home with a cup of tea or for looking out of the window on a road trip!

How would you describe your taste in music?

All over the place. For me, music needs to evoke emotion, have a theme – as long as that is the case it can be anything: with a lot of bass, soft, electronic, calm, loud, freaky, deep, slow, fast. Oldies or Rap. At the moment I love to listen to Nicolas Jaar and everything by Soft Hair.

"Anemoia" Nostalgic Playlist Cover


Do you also feel nostalgia for a time you have never experienced? Does Johannes’ Nostalgic Playlist “Anemoia” perhaps even embody this feeling for you? And in case you never listen to the playlist again, you have at least learned a new foreign word.

MALIMO family: The Pichis

The Pichis Malimo x General Consulting Berlin

Today we want to introduce you to a part of the Malimo Family: The Pichis (@the.pichis). The Pichis consists of Luis and Ciarán, a married couple from Dublin. They also have their own label P.Shirts: Vintage, unisex and unique. They inspire us on instagram with their outstanding style. We asked them a few questions about their life as a couple, their label and their inspirations.

The Pichis Malimo x General Consulting Berlin
Who are you?

We are a married couple and we live in Dublin, Ireland. We love vintage fashion, photography and art. We also enjoy creating LGBTQ content on social media that breaks the stereotypes of gender, identity and love.

How did you meet?

We met 4 years ago at a restaurant. Luis was working and Ciarán was there as a customer. Our first date was on November 2nd, on Ciarán’s birthday! Since then we’ve been together. The marriage equality referendum in Ireland was approved in 2015. Then, we got married in December 2016 in Bray, Ireland.

How did The Pichis come to life?

We created The Pichis right after the referendum. We both thought it could be a good idea to share an Instagram account of our life together and become a supporting voice to the LGBTQ community in Ireland and around the world. A page where people can see us and see themselves living a free life with their partners without being shamed or criticized for their sexual preferences. Also, a free place to express our interests and meet people like us.

What can you tell us about P.Shirts, your own label?

For the last 2 years we have been working on our label. P.Shirts ( is a collection of vintage shirts. They’re all unique, individual and unisex. The brand has given us the opportunity to explore the fashion industry and see it from a completely different point of view, a sustainable one.

We try to avoid fast fashion. Instead, we promote and support small businesses that create, reuse and upcycle items of clothing. For us, this is the future of fashion. It’s our dream to expand our brand with sustainability.

Luis in our Malimo x General Consulting “Zahnpflege” Shirt

Ciarán in our Malimo x General Consulting “Schnittblumen” Shirt

How would you describe your style and what inspires you?

Ciarán: Bold, underground, raw, genderless & street. My inspirations come from the queer rave scene. This is a place where you can express yourself freely. Without fear of being condemned and without deadlocked gender rules.

Luis: Vintage, bohemian, gypsy, pirate inspired & gender free. My style inspiration is driven by 80’s fashion, colour blocking and big shapes. I am also fascinated by the ancestral images of our indigenous and ancient communities and how to modernize it.

What does fashion mean to you? And: Do have some tips?

For us, fashion is the art of self expression. It gives us individuality, passion and a statement of who we are. It is also a big motivation to inspire others and ourselves with our work.

The only, and possibly the most important piece of advice we could give, is to be yourself. Don’t be afraid to experiment and express yourself with the clothes you wear. Be fearless, pay attention to details and ignore judgments. Trust yourself.

30 by Isabell – “Summer Groove” Morning Playlist

Spotify Cover - Summer Groove

In the past months, various members of the Malimo Family have created their personal playlists. Every playlist contains 30 songs and has a topic of their choice. Today, we start presenting to you those playlists on the blog!

This time, Isabell has created the morning playlist “Summer Groove”. We are going to tell you on which occasion she likes to listen to her playlist and (super secret) her musical guilty pleasure.

Isabell is a total early bird and loves to go on a walk early in the morning. With her morning playlist in her ear, she goes out and watches the world while everyone is still asleep. The sun is low, the park is still almost deserted and belongs to the sparrows and rats. This is the most magical moment for her. Just standing still and watching the world around oneself. From time to time it even makes her cry (with joy).

What else does the music in your morning playlist remind you of?

Isabell: Being on the road. Cruising through the city or through the country in the sunshine, whether by bike, car, or train. Just looking out of the window and observing what you don’t notice otherwise: people, lights flickering through trees, birds. Everything that comes by.

Isabell’s favorite place in the morning: the empty riverbank of the Spree, with a view of the television tower and the passing trains.

Leeres Spreeufer

What other music do you like to listen to? Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Isabell: My taste in music is intuitive and chaotic. What I listen to depends on the mood and on the occasion. For practicing yoga, I prefer organica / electronica, for falling asleep ambient music, in the evening loungy acid jazz, and in the shower, I definitely need energy and bass – 80s and 2000s can be part of it. Otherwise, also music that makes me laugh or cry. Musical guilty pleasure: Australian HipHop (Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso).

Spotify Cover - Morning Playlist

Maybe we should all get up early and enjoy a morning outside. Hopefully, a good morning playlist like Isabell’s “Summer Groove” can help with that…

Sustainable shipping packaging: ✔ Check

Eco cardboard shipping boxes from Packhelp

Unsere nachhaltige Versandverpackung ist aus mindestens 90 % Recycling-Material hergestellt und vollständig recycelbar.

How To: Nachhaltig Verpacken

Für unsere Versandverpackungen verwenden wir ausschließlich Recycling Kartons, die wir von Packhelp und Biobiene beziehen. All unsere Versandschachteln sind aus mindestens 90 % Recycling-Material hergestellt und vollständig recycelbar. Bedruckt werden sie mit wasserbasierter Tinte.

Wir verzichten beim Online Versand ganz auf Plastikverpackungen. Die bestellten Artikel schlagen wir in 100% recycletes Papier ein. Das war’s. Verpackungstechnisch sind wir ganz minimalistisch unterwegs. 

Jacket wrapped in 100% recycled paper in a shipping box. (Sticker – photo @fredi_boldt)

Wir verwenden die Kartons aus Rücksendungen ein zweites Mal wieder.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – so sparen wir Müll

Die Kartons, die durch Rücksendungen wieder bei uns landen, verwenden wir ein zweites Mal wieder. Je weniger Verpackungen in den Umlauf kommen, desto weniger Bäume müssen am Ende gepflanzt werden. 

Behind the Scenes at our storage

This package sets off on another journey.


Since we did another photo shoot with Luise (@rhabarbarspiderman) in October, we thought, it’s time to introduce her thoroughly to you as a part of the Malimo Family. Luise (@rhabarbarspiderman) is a model, recent high school graduate, art history student and ambitious painter. Shooting with her is a lot of fun, because she’s always full of power and a good entertainer on top.

What do you want to do when you grow up (even more)?
First of all, I want to grow a little bit physically, that would be cool. But actually I want to become an artist – preferably living in a country house in Tuscany, wearing a straw hat and sitting and painting under my fig tree – that is my big dream.

What do you like to do that doesn’t really get you anything?
Definitely in first place: Looking out the window and listening to music, waiting and listening to music, watching people and listening to music… That’s pretty much my favorite activity because I can always daydream a little. On stressful days this often calms me down. Even if I can’t really stare out of the window or something like that right now, music is always my first choice – whether making music myself or listening to it.

What does sustainability mean to you?
I’d say, I’m trying pretty hard to live sustainbly. In high-school, I was even elected the moste sustainble person of my year! I am vegan, nearly all of my clothes are second hand (around 90%), I buy as few things wrapped in plastic as possible… I also try to fly as little as possible. This mostly only fails because of my work. There, I often have no other choice.

What does Berlin mean to you?
Berlin enriches my life through the permanent influence of various impressions and stimulation of my senses. Because I grew up here, it is probably not as exciting for me as it is for many, but there is still an adventure almost every night. Also, nearly all of my friends live here. And of course there is also the fact that I can find work here incredibly well and there is always something to do.

How do you handle busy days?
I always try to cook for myself and to perceive the process of slicing and cooking as a small connecting point with myself – and then just eating a good meal with myself, that actually always reassures me.

We are very happy to have Luise with us as part of the Malimo Family!

Behind the Scenes of the Collaboration with General Consulting Berlin

For our first collaboration, the duo General Consulting Berlin (@generalconsultingberlin), consisting of Luisa and Max, designed the two T-shirts “Schnittblumen” and “Zahnpflege” and screen-printed them by hand. The limited edition is only available online.
How did you come up with the designs? The designs Zahnpflege and Schnittblumen are drawings that we took from Max’s little grey sketchbook. Max usually seeks inspiration in his immediate surroundings – Schnittblumen was actually a dried-out birthday bouquet in our room and Zahnpflege may tell us that Max needs a new toothbrush.

Why did you choose to screen-print the t-shirts? The screen-printing technique enables us to put Max’s drawings on t-shirts. The shirts are basically a walking showroom. Max and I do screen printing in the DIY area. We do not use machines, but only the screen-printing frame, emulsion, a little light, colour and textile. All t-shirts with the designs Zahnpflege and Schnittblumen were created in our living room in Berlin-Wedding. And: all t-shirts from the Malimo x General Consulting Berlin collection are unique because every print is slightly different.

Process: Before printing, the motive must be printed on a transparent adhesive foil and the screen must be coated with photo emulsion and dried in yellow light. The foil is then glued to the screen and exposed to ultraviolet light. In the printing process, the shirt is placed under the screen, textile dye is applied to the screen and a squeegee is used to pull it over the motive. The dye has to dry. Then the whole thing is fixed with heat.

The shirts are carbon neutral and have been produced by Earthpositive. They are unisex and available in sizes S, M & L.

You can hear more about the backgrounds of the collaboration in the podcast noema.

review of the last three months

Malimo auf dem Feel Festival

And the summer is over. Zack, boom, done. Went by pretty fast, right? We are using the gray weather as an occasion to sit with a cup of tea and look back on the highlights of the last few months. 

It is the perfect timing to review the summer and reflect on what went wrong in the wild months. What has changed over time? At which point did we stand a few months ago and where are we now?

At the same time, after only three visits, we found our wonderful loft office in Moabit. A perfect match for us. The first weeks we were so flashed by the size of the room that we got up from our new desk about every 10 minutes to stroll around the room, just because we could.

This summer one highlight chased the next one. At the beginning of July we shot our new Splash reversible bomber with Samira at the Tempelhofer Feld.

Malimo auf dem Feel Festival

In August while we melted away in Berlin, in India there was the hardest monsoon in 30 years (according to one of our tailors from Rajasthan). Our re-orders could not be sent for a few weeks because the streets were flooded up to the waist.

Schwups – It was already time for the Feel Festival. The five days were a blast! We had plenty of time to chat with familiar and new faces, laugh and talk nonsense. It was a great experience to meet so many customers in person and to hear compliments, wishes and suggestions. Other designers like Ariane Truisi, Hasachi, Sonntag Berlin and Holger, the organizer of the Kreativmarkt, sweetened every day. When we went to a festival – for fun and not for work – at the beginning of August, we discovered more than 10 people wearing our jackets and kimonos. That just blew us away.

The next great highlight was our new addition to the team. In addition to Valli, who has a firm grip on customer service and warehousing, and Paulina, who is responsible for cooperation, we were pleased to welcome Zoé to the Social Media section of our team. The best days of the summer were those when we all sat together for lunch.

One day in the beginning of September we got the link to this crazy set, in which Jonas Saalbach wears our Paisley Reversible Bomber in the most breathtaking location. It is so much fun watching the video. No surprise, that the biggest moment in September was the Fridays For Future climate strike. As probably all participants, we were blown away by how many people were taking part and the kind of energy that was in the air. When we sat at the small stage in the protest camp in front of the Federal Chancellery and listened to Dota, we got the feeling of being part of a movement writing history.

This September a fresh breeze of change is blowing through Malimo Headquaters. The whole team came together and the discussion became really basic. We discussed the future, set new goals and worked on visions. In addition to our own new designs, we are looking forward to our first collaboration with a talented Berlin artist. We are excited about everything that comes.

And what’s up next? The next few months do not promise to be much calmer than the last few months. Next appointment is Designer Sale at Holzmarkt on the first weekend of October. After that, a new photo shoot and the release of our new collection is coming up. Also we are looking for one or two new team members. Promise: It will not be boring.

September in Berlin: Music and Festival Guide

The Festival Season is over and we still do not have enough of dancing under the open sky, listening to music and being surrounded by people. What is there to do in Berlin instead? We are sharing our top picks with you.

Experiencing music a little bit differently…

Listening to Pink Floyd  and looking into space … you can experience that on the 7th and 21st at the Zeiss-Großplanetarium. On the 21st there will also be a . Homage to Queen afterwards.

Starting in September, the  lunch concerts at the philharmony   will take place again: every Tuesday at 1:00 pm you can have lunch with a small concert – for free!

The three best festivals this month…

An absolute highlight every September is the Berlin Art Week. From the 11th to the 15th, contemporary art is shown not only in the large museums, but also in galleries, project rooms and studios. The best way to see it is to go for a walk around Linienstraße on Wednesday when most openings take place: Here you will not only find new art, but often a drink for free. On Thursday the Art Berlin Fair and Positions Art Fair open in Tempelhof Airport. If it rains you can spend a whole day here, so much to see!

Next weekend the Torstraßen Festival The Knot at the Volksbühne takes place. From 12:00 on Saturday to Sunday at 5:00 there are 27 concerts and DJ sets from different music scenes from Berlin. You can also stroll around the Independent Label Market in the foyer.

From the 3rd to the 19th, the Berliner Festspiele is organizing the Musik Fest Berlin  to mark the start of the new season. At 26 events forgotten and unusual works from the past and present are presented. So if you want to try out classical and modern music instead of techno, this is the place for you.

Dancing under the open sky…

There are plenty of clubs in Berlin, but the best place to dance outside is in the Ipse, Polygon and Sisyphos. The Griessmühle and the Wilde Renate also have large outdoor areas where you can relax when you need a break from dancing. At the Klunkerkranich you can not only eat, drink and listen to music but also enjoy an amazing view of Berlin.