30 by Johannes – “Anemoia” Nostalgic Playlist

Here comes the next 30 by Playlist, this time from Johannes. It is called “Anemoia” and is a Nostalgic Playlist. But what does this word even mean?

Anemoia is the feeling of nostalgia for a certain time, that you have never actually experienced. The longing for that time, its atmosphere, and attitude of life. Johannes captured that feeling in his Nostalgic Playlist on Spotify. It’s best if he explains to you himself what exactly this playlist means to him.

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What memories are invoked by this music?

The longing for a past place in time, when the world seemed small. An exciting attitude of life: living in the seventies, hanging out smoking in clubs, hitch-hiking, and sitting at a bonfire at night, looking up at the stars and dreaming of a better world.

When do you like to listen to “Anemoia”?

The playlist is perfect for drinking wine with friends or making yourself cozy at home with a cup of tea or for looking out of the window on a road trip!

How would you describe your taste in music?

All over the place. For me, music needs to evoke emotion, have a theme – as long as that is the case it can be anything: with a lot of bass, soft, electronic, calm, loud, freaky, deep, slow, fast. Oldies or Rap. At the moment I love to listen to Nicolas Jaar and everything by Soft Hair.

"Anemoia" Nostalgic Playlist Cover


Do you also feel nostalgia for a time you have never experienced? Does Johannes’ Nostalgic Playlist “Anemoia” perhaps even embody this feeling for you? And in case you never listen to the playlist again, you have at least learned a new foreign word.