30 by Isabell – “Summer Groove” Morning Playlist

In the past months, various members of the Malimo Family have created their personal playlists. Every playlist contains 30 songs and has a topic of their choice. Today, we start presenting to you those playlists on the blog!

This time, Isabell has created the morning playlist “Summer Groove”. We are going to tell you on which occasion she likes to listen to her playlist and (super secret) her musical guilty pleasure.

Isabell is a total early bird and loves to go on a walk early in the morning. With her morning playlist in her ear, she goes out and watches the world while everyone is still asleep. The sun is low, the park is still almost deserted and belongs to the sparrows and rats. This is the most magical moment for her. Just standing still and watching the world around oneself. From time to time it even makes her cry (with joy).

What else does the music in your morning playlist remind you of?

Isabell: Being on the road. Cruising through the city or through the country in the sunshine, whether by bike, car, or train. Just looking out of the window and observing what you don’t notice otherwise: people, lights flickering through trees, birds. Everything that comes by.

Isabell’s favorite place in the morning: the empty riverbank of the Spree, with a view of the television tower and the passing trains.

Leeres Spreeufer

What other music do you like to listen to? Do you have a guilty pleasure?

Isabell: My taste in music is intuitive and chaotic. What I listen to depends on the mood and on the occasion. For practicing yoga, I prefer organica / electronica, for falling asleep ambient music, in the evening loungy acid jazz, and in the shower, I definitely need energy and bass – 80s and 2000s can be part of it. Otherwise, also music that makes me laugh or cry. Musical guilty pleasure: Australian HipHop (Hilltop Hoods and Bliss N Eso).

Spotify Cover - Morning Playlist

Maybe we should all get up early and enjoy a morning outside. Hopefully, a good morning playlist like Isabell’s “Summer Groove” can help with that…