The always-on Malimo basics that aren’t basic at all. Key pieces for anyone’s life and wardrobe.


These limited edition pieces are made from Indian silk saris. There is literally only one of each style, so get in there quick.


Malimo X General Consulting is a collaboration with the Berlin artist duo, designed and hand-printed in the Wedding district. Limited edition.


FUNKY FASHION is not for people who follow trends, but may use trends to their advantage in a certain outfit. People who are funky do not define themselves by the store that they shop in. Funky can be a mixture of thrift store and name brand – a simple gold bracelet and a huge plastic pink one, matching or unmatching, a ton of jewellery or none, classy and trashy. Being funky is about taking risks, and not being afraid to get a stare or two from people who wish they could be as funky as you. Funky is about color or a lack thereof, but funky is never about boring.

Our logbook: the record of what is happening behind the scenes, what inspires us and what lies ahead.

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